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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 23, 2021

A little bit of strength goes a long way.


I'm sure you'd agree, of course it's important to be strong.  Strength can be built and acquired through experiences.  Some of us are born with a lot of it.  Others have to build up what's already there, because we can't feel it all right away.


But, as my guest this week reminds us, a little bit of strength goes a long way.  Ashley Freeman believes we should be concentrating on our strengths as we figure out what we're meant to do.  I completely agree.  It's building these strengths that will bring us the furthest, have the most impact, and make us most purposeful.


Along the way, Ashley, like me, had many bosses who inspired her. And as she was building her strengths and career, she relied on time outside of work to nurture her joy. 


Why is this so important?  Because even if we can't find joy in our immediate circumstances/job/life, etc., there are always ways to go get it somewhere else (and I would argue that there is always a little bit of joy to find, wherever you are).  And experiencing this joy is what will inspire you to find your purpose.


She also encourages us to:              

  1. Gather data about yourself and your gifts and what excites you vs. what repulses you.
  2. Discover what fulfills you.
  3. Ask: What are you drawn to relentlessly?
  4. Ask: What's the risk vs. the cost of pursuing something?


And remember, as you're climbing and seeking, it's okay to take breaks; it's not a badge of honor to be busy.  (I talk about this a little in my book.)


Ashley expresses that this is nothing to aspire to; it actually hinders performance.


Amen! Finally, we all have permission to stop striving to be so busy!

Turns out, it's not going to get you there any sooner.


More about Ashley here:


Ashley Freeman is the founder of Flourishing Work LLC, where she serves as lead facilitator and coach helping individuals and organizations reveal their strengths and unlock what holds them back. Ashley serves in this capacity by teaching leadership and interpersonal skills, providing Myers-Briggs® assessments and workshops, and coaching individuals and teams on their journey. She has been invited to work with many corporate and non-profit organizations including Delta Air Lines, CARE USA, Truist, and Mars Inc., among others, and has been featured in several videos, podcasts, articles, and webinars. Prior to founding Flourishing Work, she managed a team of 6 direct and 2 indirect reports. 


Ashley holds an MBA with a concentration in organization and management (leadership) from Emory’s Goizueta Business School, a BA in French and music from Emory’s College of Arts and Sciences, and a Digital Marketing Certificate from Emory Continuing Education. An Atlanta native, she enjoys spending her free time with her husband and pet bird.