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Peace and Possibilities

Jul 7, 2021

My guest on this week's podcast is Jen Thornton. She enthusiastically proclaims, (as well as me): it's all about the people!


People, connections, ideas, insights…ah, if only it's all we needed.


Frankly, if we're going to thrive, those things are just as important as those other needs we humans have (like food, water, air, etc.)


In our lives, each day, whether we work or not, these concepts are especially important.


  • What we do has an impact on our environment, always.
  • Take risks, because you can't innovate without failure.
  • Assume it will be okay; because it will work out.
  • Use your energy for good, to create what you want.


Let's use community to get what we want and to give what we want.


We're all in this together!

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