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Peace and Possibilities

Jan 12, 2022

My guest on this week's podcast, entrepreneur Vikrant Shaurya, has such a calming, beautiful presence, you're sure to be mesmerized by his style and charm.


We had such an incredible conversation.  Below are just a few takeaways.


When going for your dreams, he encourages us - don't necessarily look for meaning right away.  If you're looking for meaning too early in your role, and trying to get settled with your finances, it's usually too chaotic.


Initially, it's not about purpose necessarily.  He reminds us that we can give meaning to anything (negative or positive). Concentrate on finding the positive aspect of whatever situation you find yourself in. (And incidentally, the universe always wants us to find the most positive interpretation of any situation.) We always have this capacity.


Instead, freedom is what you should be going for.


We also talked about 3 key parts of your life to concentrate on when you're getting started and throughout your life and career.  Money, health, and relationships - when these are good, the other things are easier to figure out.  I tend to concur with my new friend, Vik. 

I'm sure you'll agree, he's quite an inspiration!

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