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Peace and Possibilities

Feb 2, 2022

Trust that your intuition is there for a reason. Your emotions are there to guide you. Pay attention to them.


These are concepts we've all likely heard. 


So why do we keep hearing them? Why do they stand the test of time?


It's because they're true. And more importantly, very useful for life.


My guest this week, Clara Capano and I, discuss these concepts and how important it is to be honest and ask yourself, what is your why? Why are you pursuing that job, that move, that person…etc.?


Why is that promotion so important?


Why is that topic so significant to you?


And no matter what your conclusion is - is it (that job, that person, that place) serving you?


What a great question to ask yourself! 


Are the ideas and goals you are pursuing yielding the results and serving the life that is most important to you?


And while you contemplate these short but noteworthy questions, and ask yourself, "what will others think?", I urge you to remember, who really cares?!


Really! Even if they do care, you shouldn't care what they think. They don't have to live your life. You do!


Furthermore, Clara and I both agree, mindset should be taught in schools very early on. Because when we're in the right mindset, asking the right questions, and not caring what others think, we can be present.  AND, your presence is a present. It's a present to whomever you have the pleasure of being with at every moment of your life.


Lastly, think of your successes throughout your life.  Success leaves clues. It helps you get the clarity you need to make those very important, albeit seemingly small, decisions.  And then you get to serve with more purpose and passion. Oh, and with more peace and possibilities too!



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