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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 9, 2022

From my guest this week's lips (when I asked her how she found the work she loves), "my gifts match".


I love this phrase so much, because it's a very simple way to align what you love with what you do.  When your gifts match how you live and the work you do, you shine.


There are so many more great tips and insights from my lovely guest, Dana Anderson.


When you're self aware and you focus on growing your emotional intelligence, matching your gifts to what you do becomes so much easier. No wonder why we're better at this when we're older - we have more experience!


For my younger audience, Dana says college is like a dress rehearsal for your work life.  Advocate for yourself early and often.  Get used to this. It's a lifelong skill you will need.


When something good happens, say thank you and I deserve this! It tells the universe you're ready for more.


And her advice for anyone searching for meaningful work and experiences? Resist less, chase less, attract more.


As far as truth and transparency when communicating with others - is it worth it? The short answer is yes. Every time. Because no matter what the outcome, it expands you and the other person!


For those of you thinking this is all easier said than done, of course it is.  Literally anything you can think of takes more effort to do than to say.


So get going!  You only have this one life!


Oh, and remember, there's more where that came from (the good stuff, I mean).

More about Dana:

All socials = @theycallmedna

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