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Peace and Possibilities

Feb 18, 2020

If we could only get past this idea of fear wanting to stop us.  It's not that we shouldn't or won't feel fear, it's that we will feel it and should move forward anyway. 

My guest this week on the Peace & Possibilities Podcast, was careful not to let fear stop her from getting what she wanted.  She was in high school when she realized that she could possibly combine two of her passions and then set out to do just that. And she hasn't looked back.

Ali simply wanted to see what was possible for her and did everything in her power to make it happen. And she has had her own business since she graduated college!

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Ali Stone is photographer, blogger, content creator, jewelry designer and dog mom! She lives in Chicago with her French Bulldog, Obi Wan! For the last 8 years, Ali has worked to cultivate a community of supportive women with common interests. Through her blog and Instagram channel she shares  everything from fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle and fitness to her daily life! She has worked with brands from Old Navy & Macys to Fujifilm, Stubhub, Classpass and more! She is a firm believer that we are here to lift each other up and support each other! You can follow along on Ali's journey daily @alialistone on Instagram and weekly on her blog,!

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