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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 26, 2020

Where are you in your life - personally or professionally?


Do you ever stop and wonder, like my guest on this week's Peace and Possibilities Podcast, Taylar Barrington-Booker, "I'm still here; what kept me here?  Why did I do this in the first place?"


We can't always make a move as soon as we want to.  Planning and...

Aug 19, 2020

A happy, peaceful life is possible!  You know that!  At least I hope you do.

Please say you do!

At least start thinking it, until it becomes a belief!

My guest on this week's episode of The Peace & Possibilities Podcast is Dr. Wayne Pernell.  In the 7th grade, he remembers listening to a speaker on career day, and...

Aug 12, 2020

You're lucky if you have a parent that was instrumental in your life.


I hope you know that.  Not everyone does (have a parent like this).


If you don’t, you can look toward others to support you.  Find those great friends, mentors,  or colleagues who want to see you grow and thrive.  Find people who’ve had...

Aug 5, 2020

Making other people happy makes you happy.

And thank goodness for that! 

Can you imagine where we'd be if we didn't care about taking care of each other in any capacity?

I'm guessing that taking care of people isn't something we all long for.  For some of us, this is the driving force in our lives.  We want to find...