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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 28, 2021

My guest this week wasn't planning on being a teacher.


Some people dream of being a teacher, some people dream of owning a business.  They don't seem to go together, but they certainly could.  Anything is possible, really!


And as Kimberly Maska's path unfolded, she realized that she was destined to be a teacher with...

Apr 21, 2021

My guest on this week's episode is Mike Roberts. As he became a husband and father, knowing he needed to get out of his current lifestyle, his wise mom said to him one day, "I think this might be a good job for you".


And so he tried it.  And worked at it.  And made the commitment.


Now he's a successful entrepreneur,...

Apr 14, 2021

Wait until you hear this unbelievable story!

Shannon Carroll, and her husband Dave, have written a book detailing their incredible journey with a crazy, very uncommon event.


You won't want to miss this inspiring conversation and some of Shannon's wise questions and conclusions.

Before you listen, here's a few...

Apr 7, 2021

My guest on this week's episode is Derek Doepker, who shares that when we're trying new things, we may just get resistance.


But if we use that energy and accept that resistance as a challenge, and consider that if someone else can do it, maybe so can we, then we're definitely on our way to success.


He encourages us...