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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 30, 2022

My guest this week on The Peace and Possibilities Podcast started out as a consultant, because, as she said when she learned what it meant, "I like that".


Stephanie Hart loved sales and saw what she could be, but she wanted to do her own thing and have no constraints.


So after working hard for years, she...

Mar 23, 2022

Is this weekly newsletter typically about fitness? Not really. Not physical fitness anyway.

But when fitness and health impact your peace and happiness, then of course it relates to peace and possibilities.  Which, incidentally, is almost all of the time.

My guest this week, Erin Stutland, is full of great ideas to...

Mar 16, 2022

My guest this week is Drew Dudley (cool name, huh?).


Because he specializes in leadership topics, and I think he's really smart, I'm excited to share what he knows/what he's learned.


I believe we really can lead from any seat, as I learned from the illuminating Benjamin Zander years ago when I saw him speak at a ...

Mar 9, 2022

From my guest this week's lips (when I asked her how she found the work she loves), "my gifts match".


I love this phrase so much, because it's a very simple way to align what you love with what you do.  When your gifts match how you live and the work you do, you shine.


There are so many more great tips and insights...

Mar 2, 2022

As far as I'm concerned, true freedom is the choice to do work that we love, that makes an impact, and affords us the experiences we want to have in our lives.


For my guest this week, Sam Varner, it's very similar. Her work was born out of necessity and the need to have freedom and flexibility.


When we chatted about...