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Peace and Possibilities

Jul 27, 2022

My guest this week quit acting to travel to 60 countries. And since then Lisa Haisha has had many conversations with master teachers from all over the world.

From actor, to writer, to developing a screen play in 21 days, she's definitely someone who likes to think outside the box. And go for what she wants. A leadership...

Jul 20, 2022

Beginning with a request from President Biden, then a request from the Prime Minister of Japan, my guest this week was always inventing things.


There are so many good nuggets in this episode. For starters, Morty Bachar wants us to be proud of our scars.


And he asks us: why not modify things and make them...

Jul 13, 2022

From the age of 6, she was writing about her day.  And my guess is, she was probably making people laugh back then.  My guest this week is Beth Thomas Cohen.


She went from fashion editor to PR to marketing to running her own company, and then writing a book!  She's smart and funny, and not afraid to laugh at herself. ...

Jul 6, 2022

My guest this week on The Peace and Possibilities Podcast is Mindy Stone.


She's gone from Psychology to Teaching to Learning and Development.


And considers herself a Positive Realist, always trying to make good of it, whatever "it" she experiences. 


She tells us:

  • Don't ignore the bad stuff- face it head on
  • Don't...