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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 26, 2022

Jason Harvin doesn't see himself as an artist.


But he is.  You'll see when you check out his website.


He was raised in a blue collar, military home in Germany. And was taught to take the safe route.


As he grew older, he learned that being safe didn't always result in purposeful, passionate work. And he slowly...

Sep 21, 2022

Did you read that subject line?

If not, here it is again: stop doing what you're not being valued for!


From boarding school to scientist and researcher, and finally a mom, Jacqueline Kerr was often in a competitive environment and always did well. With grit and hard work, she exceled.


But not expressing her needs...

Sep 14, 2022

Marshan Allen was locked up at age 15.  I know that's not typically how I start my introductions.  But this one is unique.


I came across his story when it was featured at Illinois Tech, because he is pursuing his law degree. That's not unique, but his journey there is very unconventional.


And while reading it, I was...

Sep 7, 2022

My guest this week, Sam Collins, tells me and us: don’t compare yourself to others, nothing good ever comes of it.  I couldn’t agree more!


Compare yourself to yourself. Have you grown since last week, last month, last year?  That’s what matters! Are you growing and learning a little everyday? 


And while you...