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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 1, 2020

If you're feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you're going to get through this unprecedented time, consider how much less stress you'll have:

  • Less money spent on gas
  • Less traffic
  • Less time spent driving
  • Less time spent commuting
  • Less laundry
  • Less drama at school
  • Less drama at work
  • Less worrying about what to wear to work
  • Less arguing
  • Less checking up on your family when they aren't with you
  • Less stress about not having enough time
  • Less worrying about where to go for dinner
  • Less money spent on eating out

Which means we can concentrate more on something that will help us grow and help us get to the next level, by listening to this week's Peace & Possibilities podcast. 

My guest is Tricia Cook, who is reminding us that being curious and interested in other people is a great way to helping you figure out what you want to do, regardless of what that is. 

And because we all have a little more time, we can think more about other people, learn about what they need, what they do, and what we want to create when we get back to our normal routines.

You can find these resources we mention below:

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Marcus Buckingham

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