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Peace and Possibilities

May 13, 2020

How often have you thought about sports or hobbies, and the impact they have on our lives?  I hadn't given it much thought until I started looking back at all the lessons that sports can teach us (now that my kids have gone through so many phases of sports, from 5 years old and now approaching adulthood).  When I think back about all the talks we had with them, I would say 80% focused on an issue they had to face on their teams, with players, coaches, etc.

There are a myriad of life lessons sewn into all types of sports (individual and team).  And these lessons can and will impact our education, our careers, and our relationships.

My guest on this week's Peace & Possibilities podcast, Vikki Leach, shares how her love for sports turned into a desire to empower people and watch them flourish and thrive.

Being exposed to sports and teamwork at an early age was a major influence on her ultimate passion for equality and inclusion.  And she's spent her career making sure people felt included and teaching folks about how their behavior impacts others.

She refers to one beautiful question to ask the other person, in a meeting, in a conversation, in work or life, to find out exactly how you may be affecting them.

Her insight and advice will benefit anyone regardless of their journey and beyond.

Take this extra time we've all been given to reflect on the impact you want to have and the ways you can make it happen.

In the words of Maria Carey…

“If you believe in yourself enough
And know what you want
You're gonna make it happen
(Make it happen)”

About Vikki:

Vikki Leach, Global Head, Inclusion and Diversity, Kantar

Based in the UK, responsible for Kantar’s Global Inclusion and Diversity approach.

Senior professional with extensive experience in engaging business leaders and delivering cross country change programmes in inclusion and diversity, culture and engagement and behavioural change. Widespread experience in operating in fast changing, dynamic and results focused businesses.

Over 15 years of experience in the technology industry driving change programmes with diverse and complex challenges, taking into consideration the local business needs, and the company’s global vision.  What drives this is a diverse mix of people, with different backgrounds and experiences.

My passion in life is fairness and equality.  This is representative in my professional career and my personal career in sport. 

Everyone has a talent, it's about unleashing it, and the talent is more likely to be unleashed in a supportive, inclusive and fair environment. Teams that work together outperform those that don’t.  Success feels better when it’s shared with others.   

Equality = Inclusion = Innovation = Success.

Recommended books:

  1. The Loudest Duck, Laura Liswood
  2. Mindset, Carol Dweck
  3. Time to Think, Nancy Kline