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Peace and Possibilities

May 27, 2020

Live, love and appreciate all you have.  Is this a quote from Instagram?  Maybe, possibly. 

I do know for sure that it's a quote from Ron Onesti, my guest on this week's podcast, and the owner of many businesses that help us do just that - enjoy experiences.

Have you ever met someone who loved life and then made everyone around them feel the same way?

Knowing just how to do this isn't as much about learning a process, as it is about dwelling on what makes you happy.  Spending time with people like this makes you feel inspired to do more of what you love, because they're so good at living their lives this way!  It's no accident. They concentrate on the good things in their lives.  And then they have more of them.

Not dwelling on the negative and finding what you're passionate about are two simple (maybe not so simple for some) methods to achieving more of this good stuff we all crave. 

While you're figuring all of this out, he recommends focusing on the fundamentals.  No matter what you end up pursuing, no matter how good you are, getting good at the fundamentals is paramount to your success. 

Just ask Michael Jordan (or Ron).

You can find more info about Ron below:


The Onesti Entertainment Corporation


The Arcada Theatre

Club Arcada 1920s Speakeasy and Restaurant

105 East Main Street

St. Charles, Illinois 60174



Evanston Rocks Music Hall

Bourbon 'N Brass Speakeasy

Rock 'N Ravioli Italian Restaurant

1012 Church Street

Evanston, Illinois 60201


Onesti's Wild West Town

Be Bop A Lula's Rockabilly Cafe

8512 South Union Rd.

Union, Illinois 60180


Ron Onesti's Club 210 of Highwood!

Highwood, Illinois


The Des Plaines Theatre

The Chicago Music Hall of Fame

Festa Pasta Vino, Oakley Avenue

Little Italy Fest-West, Addison

Little Italy Fest-Taylor Street