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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 3, 2020

Have you ever been told by a parent, a teacher, a coach, a boss "I don't think you'd be successful at that" or something similar?  I hope not.  But I'm guessing at least one time in your life, someone along the way told you that you weren't cut out for something. It's almost guaranteed in this ever changing world.


Did it spark an instinct to prove them wrong? Or did you believe them?


I sincerely hope it made you determined to prove them wrong.


Because ultimately we get to decide what we will pursue, sacrifice, and endure to be successful and to have the life we choose.  We decide.  We sacrifice, we stay the course, and we earn it, no matter what it takes.


That's what my guest on this week's episode of the Peace and Possibilities podcast did. Dr. Alysondra Duke decided to find work that fueled her, that felt true and authentic.  She was very curious and she persevered.


She gives great advice about how to find that for yourself, teaching us how to ask the right questions, and ultimately expand our thinking.


And don't forget to stay away from the naysayers.  They won’t help you get there.



You can learn more about Alysondra here:

Dr. Alysondra Duke earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, along with a Masters + Bachelors in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her work has been featured on MTV, KOMONews, and the Microsoft Women in Business Podcast. Dr. Duke hosts a weekly podcast, Brave + Well, sharing strategies for emotional well-being for high-achieving women, and is a monthly radio co-host on KKNW 1150’s Sunny in Seattle. She currently serves as a mentor, coach, and group facilitator for women who seek to elevate their personal life + business.