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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 10, 2020

You have a dream. You want to be something. You want to achieve something. You're attracted to this role of teacher, nurse, healer, or business owner.

What about this role/job/person truly inspires you?

Who is this person being that is telling you that you want to be that thing too?

What is drawing you to that? What's inspiring about it?

What is the why?

What if we all just took the time to go inside and ask ourselves these questions?

Trying to figure out the patterns, discovering what brings about life in you, and what makes you feel fulfilled and want to evolve, are all such important concepts along our journey. 

Sometimes instead we just pick a career or a role, study how to do it, then we go get that job, only to find out that it's not what we thought it was going to be, and aren't quite sure why.  Then panic sets in because we just spent 4 years, or sometimes more, educating ourselves on the very thing that we no longer want to pursue or be!

That's scary!  And unnecessary.

My guests on this week's podcast, Tay & Val, owners of M Meditation, share their journey on figuring all of this out, describe what it was like to see that spark in someone else, and finally learn to explore that outstanding person we're all being called to be.

You'll be inspired, I promise, as they have lots of guidance to offer.

Find out more about Tay & Val below: