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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 17, 2020

"The universe has lots of amazing opportunities lined up for you", says my guest on this week's podcast, Kelley Kosow.  She's the author of the book The Integrity Advantage, and she knows a thing or two about being successful.

Life is never a straight line to our goals.  We plan for it to be.  We expect it to be. And then...we go for it, and something unexpected happens. We realize it's not what we thought it would be, or we find something else that lights us up.

Sometimes it happens when we're trying to solve our own problem! 

Either way, if we learn to work hard, show up and do what it takes to get it done, we will be successful.

Kelly recommends to just stay curious, and not to be afraid to switch it up.  The universe is guiding you as you go along.  Pay attention!

And if something isn't working, don't be afraid to let go.  You just might find out that the other path is even better!

Kelley's book:

The Integrity Advantage - Now available!