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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 5, 2020

Making other people happy makes you happy.

And thank goodness for that! 

Can you imagine where we'd be if we didn't care about taking care of each other in any capacity?

I'm guessing that taking care of people isn't something we all long for.  For some of us, this is the driving force in our lives.  We want to find love, we want to be parents, or we want to make a difference with our work.  All of these roads involve taking care of others, in one way or another.

My guest on this week's episode of the Peace & Possibilities Podcast is Dominick Purnomo, an entrepreneur who isn't afraid of hard work and sacrifice, because making other people happy is what it's all about.

It doesn't matter what service you are providing.  Making other people happy is addictive and gratifying and illuminating.  You get to be the reason someone smiles, or feels welcome.  You get to be the reason they go home and treat their family a little better that day.

You just never know how one little word or gesture is going to positively impact someone. 

And you have all the power to be that person for someone else.

And what an easy way to make the world a better place!

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