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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 12, 2020

You're lucky if you have a parent that was instrumental in your life.


I hope you know that.  Not everyone does (have a parent like this).


If you don’t, you can look toward others to support you.  Find those great friends, mentors,  or colleagues who want to see you grow and thrive.  Find people who’ve had success in their lives and ask them for advice.  Share your thoughts with them and ask for their feedback.  Tell them you admire their accomplishments and you’re interested in learning more about how they achieved them. 


If you haven’t noticed, most people are eager to share, if you’ll only ask.


My guest on this week’s episode of The Peace & Possibilities Podcast is Bill Smith, someone whose positive attitude and thirst for new opportunities has served him up one interesting life!  He urges us to understand what can take us to the next level, then go for it!  Plan, prepare, then be persistent!


Always remember, no matter what your situation, you're in the driver’s seat.  Don’t allow anyone to determine the person you will be.  Only you can do that. Only you should be that.


More info about Bill:

Bill Smith is married with 5 children and 10 grandchildren; a Chicago native who loves his city; a retired US naval officer who has travelled the world and a UIC grad.  You can find him here:®-cssgb™-0390573