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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 23, 2020

Have you ever met someone who is just sparkly when they talk?

I hope so.


If not, then you're in luck this week!


Beatrice Adenodi is a shiny bowl of energy and has a unique perspective on business and integrating mindless behaviors into our everyday lives.


On this week's podcast, we talk about reflecting on our own behaviors, questioning our biases, and how awareness is just the beginning.



Trying to find where you fit in is difficult at any age, but when you can create your own schedule, have flexibility, and as a result have more choices, fitting in becomes something we can all attain more easily.



Listen in and you'll see what I mean…



More on Beatrice below:

Beatrice Adenodi is a marketing guru, awareness advocate, and founder/CEO of Mirror Ink, a full-service business consulting firm based in Minneapolis. As a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, Beatrice had to figure everything out on her own. Over the years she built her own set of tools to overcome the challenges of life. Through her unique perspective, she has been able to help many people get out of unfortunate situations by guiding them from being reactive to reflective in their setting. A sought-after speaker, she was invited to speak on stage at Unveiled Beauty 2019 and has also been a featured guest on podcasts such as Humanship, The Eulogy, and Wild Ones.

She was driven to create her social experiential platform Mindless Behaviors in 2014 after a tough transitional phase led her to reflect on her relationships, faith, and career. Feeling powerless and invisible, she discovered she had been ignoring her own voice and reacting without thinking in difficult situations. Beatrice set out to reclaim her power. As she grew into her voice, she realized she wasn’t alone. She recognized the impact her newly reflective mindset could make on society, and developed an innovative new approach to guide others to find their own voices. 

With the completion of her book about these experiences, Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers, her platform is now poised to help create generations of hopeful people.



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