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Peace and Possibilities

Oct 7, 2020

Lately, maybe you've been wishing for something new…

Maybe you've been asking for it or writing about it…

Maybe you've been telling other people what you want…

Either way, you were putting it out there.  You were deciding you wanted it.  You were believing it could happen.

And then guess what?  If you're like my guest on this week's Peace and Possibilities Podcast, Daisy, you "coincidentally" were offered it, or it was delivered to you from the most surprising occurrence. 

Voila! Daisy was asked to be a guest on a podcast, from a perfect stranger (me).


Coincidence, NO WAY!  Happenstance, nope.


Manifestation, you bet!

Daisy started an awesome business because she was miserable in her day job and wanted to make a change. It turns out making money wasn't fulfilling her and she began having health issues.


After attending one creative class, she figured it out.  And eventually, she made the leap from full time finance to business owner. 


And now she's making an impact every day, in a positive way. (And she's not getting sick anymore. What a relief!)


This is the power of following your passion.  This is the power of taking the leap and figuring it out. 


What will you try before 2020 is over? 

The time will pass either way. What will you do with it?


Little Buddha Bio:


Little Buddha was created & founded in 2018 by Daisy Betance. It is a holistic based woman owned company that based its mission on feeding the mind, body & soul. After researching all the horrible & toxic chemicals found in our day to day products, our founder Daisy decided to start making her own clean products. They are all infused with reiki energy and made with a lot of love & care. Daisy uses her intuitive energy work while creating & making all the handcrafted natural & organic products. Each product is handmade in her home studio in Berwyn, IL.

Daisy is a Reiki Master & Intuitive healer, as well as 200 RYT Hatha yoga certified teacher. She uses a combination of reiki, crystal, sound healing, healing yoga & aromatherapy with her energy work sessions as well. In person or long distance Reiki sessions are now available.