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Peace and Possibilities

Oct 14, 2020

I'm launching a four part series on lessons learned from the Corona virus in 2020.  We will have a college student, a famous designer, a winery founder, and a TEDx speaker. 


Our first guest is Sam Bruns, and he urges us not to let one little thing ruin our day.

He gives a great example: If you had $10,000 and you dropped a dollar, you wouldn't let the loss of that $1 ruin your day.  You'd still have $9,999 to enjoy!

What If someone ruins 10 seconds or 10 minutes of your day? Why would you let that ruin your entire day, considering you have almost 1000 more minutes or 60,000 more seconds to be grateful for?


Why give someone or anything that power?

Happier people have love, good friendships, a good family life, and they make the most of what they have.  Corona virus has taught him to appreciate all of this more.

And finally, Sam would like to underscore: if you're looking for a sign, consider 2020 your sign to try something. You never know what's around the corner.  Just go do it!