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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 16, 2020

Do you really need a roadmap?


Maybe, maybe not.


What if you have a road map, and it's the wrong one?  How will you know to pivot and go down a different path if you're following the wrong road map?


My guest on this week's podcast is Justine Fedak, and she cautions us, "maybe you're not getting what you want because it's part of your journey."


Maybe you have exactly what you need, albeit not what you thought you wanted, and that new road will be even better?


Ugh. I know, life is hard. It never goes exactly according to our plan.


That's why, although you work hard at it, it's exhausting at times, and exhilarating at times.


Maybe if your road map changes, you will become an "accidental expert", like Justine.


Who knows! Either way, you must choose, each day.


Right or left? Forward or back?  Side to side? 


Keep moving; it's the only way you'll figure it out!


More info on Justine Fedak:

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Justine Fedak is a self-declared Corporate Hippie. She is a transformational socially-conscious marketing executive with deep experience in brand management and marketing operations. She is Chief Brand Strategist with PollaraStrategic Insights and Co-Founder (Star Jones) of Instant Impact Group, a diversity and marketing consulting firm. She was most recently Global Head of Social Media and Sponsorships Marketing for BMO Financial Group.


After joining BMO in 1992 as a media relations assistant, Justine held many senior roles at the company in Canada and the US, within Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Communications and Corporate Marketing.  In 1999, Justine transferred to Chicago to lead M&A due diligence for US wealth management and create a US brand strategy. She re-patriated to Canada to create a North American Corporate Sponsorships and Event steam and build a client-focused partnership portfolio, negotiating some of the largest sports sponsorship deals with the NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB (North America) that attracted younger and more diverse customers. In 2007, she was named US CMO and led the re-vitalization of the Harris Bank brand, uniting all the community banking under a central marketing focus. She also led the strategy and execution of the historical re-branding of Harris Bank to BMO. As a member of the executive management team, she was also accountable for the client experience and marketing communications integration of the bank’s largest M&A deal, the purchase of Marshall & Isley. She remained in the US leading Brand, Advertising and Marketing for North America and developed an aligned north-south creative marketing strategy that remains strong today.


Justine is a very active member of her community and industry.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of The  Magnificent Mile Association, the Chicago Police Foundation and is on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Sports Commission. She is an SSA City of Chicago Commissioner (Greektown), a board member of Chicago-Toronto Sisters Cities International, and past Chair of the City of Chicago Municipal Marketing Advisory Counsel, as well as past member of many other prominent boards.