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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 23, 2020

We can be wise at all ages. Typically it's when we've lived a longer life.


To my delight, you'll see that sometimes it comes earlier too.


My guest on this week's podcast suggests that we don't wait for opportunities to come to us. 


Go seek them.  Ask around and see what's out there.  You never know.


Emily Perelman should know.  She's already a successful artist even as a college student. 


How did that happen?


Well, she used her talents daily, nurtured her hobby, and created art even as a means to get away from school work.  How smart!


Lesson: Wanting to do it, and then PUTTING IT OUT THERE is how she made it happen! (Listen to hear how.)


She's learned that If you want to thrive, you need to align yourself with people who are passionate, ambitious and inspiring.


Hmm, I completely agree!


It's important to stay grounded in all you do.  Your worth can be in many different places, so don't just look in one place. 


Is it within your family? Is it in school? Is it in your work? Is it in your talents?  Is it in your relationships? 


Figure it out - then ask yourself, what could make you more fulfilled....


Take it step by step…you just never know who will see it and you as really worthy!


More about Emily Perelman here:

Emily Lynn Perelman is an illustrator and visual artist currently pursuing her passion for art alongside her degree in Psychology at Boston University. Taking inspiration from everyday shapes and sights, she uses her work to make sense of the world.