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Peace and Possibilities

Jan 27, 2021

Just because you choose to be a doctor or a pilot one day, doesn't mean you just choose it, declare it, then walk in to a cockpit or a doctor's office, and become one that day!

This gets a big "duh", I'm sure you'll agree.

Why do I tell you this?

Because my guest on this week's episode of The Peace and Possibilities Podcast, Ed DuCoin, and I were chuckling about it when I interviewed him.

He has been in business for years and has a lot of insight to share about being a business owner and an entrepreneur, including the fact that both are NOT created equal.

Being a business owner doesn’t equal being an entrepreneur but an entrepreneur is indeed, a business owner.

How does this apply to your life if you're not a business owner?

Well, it means that you can call yourself anything, but if it's not in your heart, and you don't really believe it, work at it, and practice it, every single day, YOU ARE NOT IT.

You have to believe it in your bones - in your body, in your dreams. And then learn how to do it and be it. This is where the power comes from. This is what helps you endure each day and each challenge.

And even if and though it is your dream, you will have challenges. That's guaranteed.

He has a theory about quotes too; tune in to hear it.

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Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career

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