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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 14, 2021

Wait until you hear this unbelievable story!

Shannon Carroll, and her husband Dave, have written a book detailing their incredible journey with a crazy, very uncommon event.


You won't want to miss this inspiring conversation and some of Shannon's wise questions and conclusions.

Before you listen, here's a few key points she wants us to consider:


  1. Take your vacations!
  2. What is good isn't always what's best.
  3. Pursue what you're called to do (what you're made of).
  4. What will it cost me to have/pursue this?
  5. Is this the season for (fill in the blank)?


Finally, after coming through this life altering experience, she recalls thinking: he's here, he's alive, he's enough.


Life is a healing process, no matter what you're going through.


Grab those lessons and let them sink in as they come.


Who knows, maybe your experience will be a movie someday?


More about Shannon below: 

Shannon Carroll lives in Southern Indiana with her pastor-husband, three boys and a dog. She has a strong background as a Registered Nurse for many years, but had a major career change in June 2016, when she came home full time to run her own home-based essential oils and wellness business. This huge shift allowed her to homeschool her two younger sons. In addition to being a pastor's wife, serving in the church, raising her boys and loving life, Shannon became a best-selling author in October 2020. She and David, her husband, co-authored a book detailing their raw and bizarre struggle with traumatic amnesia. In it, they share how amnesia totally changed their life and set them on a new course. Shannon loves to speak to groups, sharing her stories and teaching with a vulnerable yet inspirational tone. When she's not being a homeschool mom or entrepreneur, you'll find her curled up with a historical fiction novel, going on walks or tending to her raised bed gardens. 


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