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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 28, 2021

My guest this week wasn't planning on being a teacher.


Some people dream of being a teacher, some people dream of owning a business.  They don't seem to go together, but they certainly could.  Anything is possible, really!


And as Kimberly Maska's path unfolded, she realized that she was destined to be a teacher with her own company. 


Of course, like most stories of success, it wasn't a straight line to owning her own company.  She shares many of her lessons during our conversation.  The biggest one: trust your instincts!


She also urges us to:


  • Get a mentor (and always have one)
  • Resist scarcity - "you can't" isn't helpful, ever!
  • When you get an inkling, follow that and let things open up
  • Do the inner work (this is usually the hardest part)
  • What brings you joy? (simple question, profound impact)


Taking chances gets you to that next thing, and you just never know what's going to come.  When you get the momentum going, so much fun and joy awaits.

Finally, when something feels amiss - it is!

More info about Kimberly Maska:

CEO, Maska Media

CEO, Spiritual Biz Publishing

Creator of Spiritual Biz Bootcamp

Publisher, Spiritual Biz Magazine

International Best Selling Author

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