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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 8, 2021

My guest this week was a college swimmer. Playing college sports for four years and graduating on time is quite an accomplishment in itself.  Then comes the job.  Most people will tell you that to get a good job soon after graduating, is the ultimate goal.  And there's nothing wrong with that. It's a great goal.

But what if that job isn't right for you? You try it, you know it, and you stay anyway.  Eventually the life gets sucked out of you, you start feeling purpose-less, and before you know it, 10 years have passed. 


An even better idea (in my humble opinion), once you know it isn't right, you would then do something about it.  I'm sure you know by now that this blog is all about doing something about it!


That's what Kara Millaci did. After graduating and getting a really good job in New York, she quit her really good job and volunteered in Belize for months doing something she was passionate about.  Along the way there was an internship, several concurrent, part-time jobs working her tail off, and finally she reached her goal.  She became a Dolphin Trainer at SeaWorld!

How many young kids dream of that?  And then actually get the chance? 


Chance is another one of those words.  It's up there with luck, as far as I'm concerned.  It's not by chance that she obtained that job.  She worked for it and did all the little things she needed to do to land the job, slowly but surely.


However, I'm sure we all know, dreaming is one thing - actually living in the dream is another.

Sometimes we get there (to the dream job, the dream person, the dream place) and it's not what we dreamt it would be. Or maybe it's our wants and needs that have changed. 


Sometimes we're just flat out wrong.


It doesn't really matter why it's wrong.  It just matters that it's wrong.  And really, it's okay to be wrong.  What's not okay is to make it worse and continue on the wrong path.


So when she realized her dream job was wrong, and she was asked to come back several times, she bravely said again: "this isn't for me".  She knew what was right, and she stood her ground.  Then she proceeded along on a new path.


She urges us to remember a few very important things:

  • If something else is calling, listen.
  • Make each thing you do your new passion (as you figure it out).
  • Don't follow another person's path; incorporate new untraditional paths.


More about Kara Millaci Freiberg:


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