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Peace and Possibilities

Feb 16, 2022

My inspiring guest this week is a relationship expert and an entrepreneur.  Oh, and a problem solver too (I can totally relate).


During our conversation, Abi Singh and I talked about many great ideas to help you thrive and live more peacefully, ultimately having more happiness.


One of my favorite things Abi said was "don't let fear block you from your blessings". As you appreciate your blessings, be aware of yourself, always (this is a lifelong journey). Self-awareness is necessary for growth.


I especially loved when she recommended not to hold back on your joy.  Get more joy for yourself and expand your partner's joy (and anyone else's for that matter).


When trying to come to a decision, ask yourself "Regarding this decision, in 5 years, what do I see happening because of this decision? Will it hinder or spoil anything?" Then make your decision based on this answer.


Finally, she believes, as do I, everyone has something to teach and the ability to transform.  Find what your "thing" is.  And then go share it with the world!


More about Abi:

Abi Singh is a wife, rom-com fanatic, life coach and relationship expert. She is passionate about helping couples push past fears and frustrations in their relationship so that they can thrive. Abi coaches couples using the strategies she used to heal her own frustrations in what is now her CPR 'revival' framework. Abi lives on the beautiful tr-island state of Grenada with her husband and business partner and delivers powerful coaching experiences for couples locally and internationally.

And check out my bestselling book:

Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective: 8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career