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Peace and Possibilities

Feb 23, 2022

You're smarter than you know.


I hope this isn't the first time you're hearing this. But just in case it is, you're in good hands.


She's a coach/creator/connector and all around beautiful human being.  You will be able to see her light shining through from the moment we begin chatting.


I'm talking about Emily Bossert, my guest this week on The Peace and Possibilities Podcast. (Incidentally, I'm just realizing how many lit up people I get to talk to every week! How cool is that?)


Hopefully you're noticing a theme: you do what you love, and you light up.  And others can see it, and you attract more of the same.


Instead of taking my word for it, check out my conversation with Emily.  She reflects on many important concepts:

  • Take ownership
  • Trust your intuition and knowledge
  • Community is huge
  • Stop comparing yourself and get quiet
  • You inner truth is waiting to be asked
  • Simplify everything - your mind, your space, etc.


And check in with your 75 year old future self; what would this wise person have to say to you now?


Finally, I've mentioned this a few times lately. Try the Super Thinking exercise.  Allow yourself 60 uninterrupted minutes and ask and answer all the questions you have about your work and life.  You'll be shocked at how much you already know (when you're used to asking questions to everyone else). Ask yourself and discover the answers within.

Email me and tell me what you think. 

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