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Peace and Possibilities

Nov 23, 2022

My guest this week, Lisa Anderson, did not want to be tied down.


She wanted peace and freedom.


Who can relate to that? I'm guessing all of us.


Along her career journey, she was told by many people "I love the way you talk".


And she began to wonder what other work she would be able to do, working for herself.  She knew this would mean she could control her income and depend on herself.


Like her, you CAN concentrate on what you WANT to create!


She urges us to remember:

  • Don't let fear hold you back
  • Follow your gut instincts
  • You have more options than you realize


At the end of the day Lisa's positive attitude always has her focusing on the solution. 


There is always at least one. Read that again.


If you're having trouble in any aspect of your life, she'd say to you "Let's go - there is a solution!"


I couldn't agree more.


More about Lisa:

Highly compassionate, creative, and intuitive, Lisa Anderson is a compelling Intuitive Life & Business Coach whose sole mission is to leverage her powerful gift to support others with their individual personal, spiritual & professional growth journeys. As the Founder and Owner of Krisallis, Lisa enjoys being able to help others move past their barriers in order to move forward on their life's paths. Lisa's Clarity Readings, Coaching Programs, Signature Events, and Weekly Content are truly cultivating, meaningful, and strikes transformations that surface authenticity and soul awakening.
Twitter: krisallis1
Instagram: krisallisintuitivecoach

And check out my bestselling book:

Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career