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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 18, 2021

My guest this week, Dan Kazmierczak, went from attending school at IIT (in Chicago) to working with chocolate - what an unexpected journey!

But then again, aren't they all? 


Along the way he learned life lessons from an expert caramel guy (yes, there is such a thing) and finally found what he was meant to be doing.

He made an impact.  He learned mutuality - (where everyone wins). And much, much more.


Below are a few things he's sure of now (and what he practices):


  • Don't sell yourself short
  • We make our own chances
  • Put yourself out there
  • Be kind to others (there aren't enough kind people)
  • Hard work is key
  • Don't sweat the small stuff (and it's all small stuff - hmm, this sounds like a book…)
  • Let things go more quickly
  • Reset after you move on


Join me in this fun conversation. And learn a little something about chocolate I'm guessing you didn't know.

More about Dan here:

Dan Kazmierczak has over 20 years of experience in the food industry with 16 of them being in cocoa and chocolate.  He currently works at JB Cocoa previously worked for Blommer Chocolate, Barry Callebaut, Nestle and Barchemy and has worked with many customers in the areas of technical applications, product development and process improvement. Dan lives in the Chicago area and holds a Bachelor’s in Manufacturing Technology and Management and a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Technology and Operations from Illinois Institute and Technology.


Dan Kazmierczak is at


Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
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