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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 29, 2022

My guest this week, film maker David Marsh, is healing from the inside out.  From what? You'll need to listen to this episode to find out.


As he continues to heal, he's tried many things and realized through life experiences, the universe is even bigger than he originally perceived.


He's a story teller, made with love.  Along the way, he believes that so many things weave together to make up our perspective.


And as we go along, we should get comfortable trusting.


Because there really is no certainty. Ever.


So, when you're wondering what's next, try to let it unfold.  This has been one of my big lessons this year. 


Letting it unfold, like everything on the planet, is easier said than done.  (When people say "easier said than done", remind them that, of course it's easier said than done.) What isn't?


But if we are to really supposed to figure out what this thing called life means, we must.  It's the only thing that we can really do. 


Control is an illusion.


A few more tips from David:

  • There's no way to mess up this life!
  • Let go of control
  • Connecting with your joy space is very important


And some questions to ask along your journey:

  • What can't you imagine stopping?
  • How will you get there?


He's overcome so much, and now he's simply adapting to life. We could learn a lot from him.


More about David:

David Marsh is a Filmmaker and his latest film, Adapting To Dive, is available now on Amazon. Seven days before leaving to make a documentary with Diveheart, his son dies of a drug overdose. He decides to go anyway but doesn’t tell anyone about his loss. He learns about healing and adapting from these adaptive divers. David loves to create documentaries and tell stories that connect to the heart. He loves to explore the human journey and document it through video. His latest film is the Winner of Feature Documentary in the 2022 Orlando International Film Festival. He has found that satisfaction in your career comes best when you are following your enthusiasm and creating things you're passionate about. 


Current Documentaries online:

ADAPTING TO DIVE (Amazon, TubiTV, LookhuTV)




And check out my bestselling book:

Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career