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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 16, 2022

My guest this week is Drew Dudley (cool name, huh?).


Because he specializes in leadership topics, and I think he's really smart, I'm excited to share what he knows/what he's learned.


I believe we really can lead from any seat, as I learned from the illuminating Benjamin Zander years ago when I saw him speak at a  conference.  His presence was electric.  And it inspired me to read his books about possibilities, sparking a fire I've had kindling ever since.


Drew urges us to accept that anyone who acts engaging and is doing or demonstrating something, is indeed a leader. I completely agree!


No matter what your role or place in life, when you have a story, it's important to share your story. You simply never know who is in the audience. Right then, or later, people will often respond with, "I thought I was the only one".

It's almost never true.

And more importantly, the stories we're most embarrassed to share, are the ones we need to tell.


When we chatted about success and failure, and thinking that if we try something, or take a risk, we might not survive, Drew urges us to tell him or someone about a time you didn't survive. 

Spoiler alert: you can't!

You can't because you have survived. You're alive and that's proof that you can survive anything. So there's zero evidence that you won't survive. So stop being afraid of that, at least.

As far as risks go, we can almost never be certain of something so instead, be decisive.


Get comfortable being uncertain.


Finally, from the hard won wisdom of Drew, momentum is more important than plans. Yes indeed. Because we all know the best laid plans…

So, go build your momentum, decide something, be uncertain, and see what's possible!  You will survive - you have your proof now!


Listen in to see what else he's survived and lived to tell about.

More about Drew: and the book is The Book - Drew Dudley.

And check out my bestselling book:

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