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Peace and Possibilities

Jun 2, 2021

Not sure if you've heard (wink wink) - I wrote a book this past year. 

I set out to write this book. It didn't happen accidentally.  I thought about it, I envisioned it, and I wrote it. Little by little. Week by week.

I researched the best way to do it, and I set a schedule that worked well for me, and would allow me to do my best writing.

Then I set a deadline for myself.  I told myself (and a few others), that come hell or high water, this book will be done by my next birthday. 

Although I had the idea in dreams every so often over the years, I had the suggestion from my sister, Sarah, just a few years ago.  And after this lightbulb moment with her (on a walk along a beautiful path one day), I just knew it was going to happen.  So, if it was going to happen, why not make it so, celebrating it at my next birthday.  Turns out it would be completely written just a little over a year later.

My guest this week, Emily Williams of the I Heart My Life movement, and I talk about writing our books and what they mean to us, along with what we hope they achieve.

We talk about what other books inspire us. We talk about what other people inspire us.

Emily's book is packed full of great tips and stories about loving your life as you go along on your journey.  We are very aligned about the power of possibilities and mindset. As Emily reminds us, very importantly, our minds can only focus on one thought at a time, so if you're focusing on the problem, your mind is not available to figure out the solution.

Whether you want to write a book, start a company, find a new job, find the right person, or make your life better each day, if you're wondering about what you can achieve, look no further.

Listen in as we discuss all of the good stuff that can come to you when you're believing in yourself, and going after your dreams!

After all, anything really is possible!  We (me and Emily), are living proof!

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