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Peace and Possibilities

May 12, 2021

You'll love listening to my guest this week.  Heidi Dawson, of The Wildly Successful Lifestyle Podcast, has always told her herself: if something's not working for me, I'm not staying in it. I love this! 


Who is she?  Just an awesome person who is making the world a better place a little bit more everyday, by sharing stories from health and wellness experts along with the mindset shifts she uses to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.


Just a few tips from Heidi (listen in for more):


  1. Ask yourself: What do I really want to feel? (This is key)
  2. Make joy and fun a priority
  3. Make yourself more qualified for the next thing
  4. Make yourself better, always
  5. Take action, move forward
  6. Enjoy the journey (otherwise you'll miss the vacation)
  7. Remind yourself: maybe that interaction was for them


Finally, I'm sure Heidi would agree with this quote from Marianne Williamson: "We are brought together by an intentional universe for one reason only: the enlightenment of all concerned. Whether our connection is through work or family, a casual encounter or a lifelong involvement, the purpose of every relationship is the healing of the world."


You'll be so glad you encountered Heidi!


More about Heidi Dawson:

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