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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 31, 2021

Wow! You felt scared and did it any way?

…Says every successful person regarding a risk they took, a person they approached, etc.

Of course you feel this way, you're scared; it's new and it's normal to feel this way. (And this is practicing resilience.)

Join me in a fascinating conversation with Jacinta Jimenez (Dr. J) about the significance of belonging, the commitment to thrive, and seeing the possibilities.

She believes, like me, that the power of connections is simply amazing.  If you're a good "people picker", the sky is the limit.

And she shares, from a Harvard study, that healthy relationships are the key to a long life. 

Now go make those connections!

And check out my new book: Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective!

Learn more about Jacinta here: