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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 29, 2021

She was a mother, raising her child, never even thinking about owning her own business, and as her daughter got older, she was threatening to go back to work, when the right thing came along.


Little by little, one introduction lead to another and she began working for someone who was willing to work around her schedule and requests.  She told him what she wanted, and then they began a trial period of 30 days to see if it would work.  It would work…


Along the way she's had several incredible breaks. Especially one day when Jack Canfield's VP was in her audience and then she got the call.  Jack Canfield called her and that began a new phase.


She learned very quickly that it's all about communications skills: tell people what you want.  And even more importantly, a sense of humor rules! (I couldn't agree more.)


My guest this week, Lois Creamer, very wisely reminds us: we're all selling and marketing ourselves, every day!


If you want to have a great life and love your work. Be sure to:

  • Make changes, take chances, and follow your dreams
  • Remember: there will always be ups and downs in your work or any area of your life


And from her famous, often shared words: "You risk a "yes" every time you ask for something. Are you willing to take the risk?"


As all of my interviews have been proving, it is possible to love your work and your life. 


Ultimately, Lois has the life she has because she wanted to have no regrets. What a great lesson. This is exactly why I do the work I do!

More about Lois here:


Industry expert Lois Creamer works with speakers who want to book more business, make more money and fully monetize their intellectual property. Clients include industry superstars as well as superstars of tomorrow! She presents at NSA, CAPS, PSA-UK, India, Ireland and Scotland. She is the author of “Book More Business: MAKE MONEY SPEAKING” as well as co-author of “The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches” with Cathy Fyock. In addition she has appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business and Speaker Magazine


My Book:

Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career