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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 24, 2021

Yes, everyone fails, but we should still try new things all the time. 

How else are we going to figure out what we want AND what we don't want? We can and should keep trying, then ADJUST to the results. 

Join me on this week's episode of The Peace and Possibilities Podcast to hear more about how, with Lou Diamond, who is doing this everyday on the THRIVE LOUD podcast.

From Wall Street, to sales, to consulting, happiness was always a factor for Lou, along with finding his purpose.

He thinks, as do I, that Generation Z is so lucky to have EQ (emotional intelligence), and the mindset info that we didn't have in the earlier years of our careers.  They are so much further ahead in the trying and failing arena. Simply put, they're not afraid to do just that.

What's most important in our everyday lives, in his opinion? Experiencing the reach of connecting. Always be searching, building, learning, studying, and teaching.

Oh, then get some coaching; which will help you when you're seeking answers, and when you need to check in.

Learn more about Lou and THRIVE LOUD below:

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Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career