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Peace and Possibilities

Jul 20, 2022

Beginning with a request from President Biden, then a request from the Prime Minister of Japan, my guest this week was always inventing things.


There are so many good nuggets in this episode. For starters, Morty Bachar wants us to be proud of our scars.


And he asks us: why not modify things and make them better?


Art (and life) is an evolution, always; there's room for both versions of whatever you’re working on.


But Morty also likes a blank page, along with new beginnings (me too). They keep life interesting.


When considering what's holding you back (and you usually know what that is), why not try to remove the shackles and see what's possible?


He gained a lot of early wisdom because as a boy, he was on his own a lot and ultimately left to discover all kinds of things. From living in Africa, then the US, on to college and corporate America as an engineer, and now an artist, he’s quite the jack of all trades.


Listen in to learn how he was almost involved in developing facial recognition technology after 9/11, but because he heard a hum, he didn't proceed. He'd heard it before. And he knew - this is a sound to follow, so he did. On to a new road.


When you hear something similar, listen closely and discover, where does that hum want to take you?


Finally, he urges us to listen. What you think before you started (a project, a job) just might be different - and there's very possibly, a story there.


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