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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 30, 2022

My guest this week on The Peace and Possibilities Podcast started out as a consultant, because, as she said when she learned what it meant, "I like that".


Stephanie Hart loved sales and saw what she could be, but she wanted to do her own thing and have no constraints.


So after working hard for years, she eventually created Pineapple Coconut cake and people responded with fervor.


Well, the path wasn't actually that simple, as you can imagine. It never usually is, but it's still our path. And we must endure to get to the other side.


From the many challenges Stephanie faced to finally opening her bakery, she has definitely endured a lot to get where she is.


Her advice to you? Ask yourself "do you REALLY want to do this?"


And something she and I believe with all of our hearts:


How you think impacts EVERYTHING!


Understanding this is paramount to your success!


Finally, from Stephanie's many words of wisdom: "All of my glasses are rose colored - what's the alternative?"

More about Stephanie:

In 2022 She is celebrating 20 years in business, now with a location in Navy Pier, and preparing to renovate the newly acquired Cupid candies factory, that now house Brown Sugar Bakeries new candy line “Life is Sweet” and being nominated in the  2019 James Beard award for “Outstanding Pastry Chef”

Stephanie feels strongly about building community and sharing our culture with the world, which created the mission statement: We make delicious products.  Celebrating our culture by serving our community to further cultivate and define the best of our experience, one amazing bite at a time.

Brown Sugar Bakery, Chicago

And check out my bestselling book:

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