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Peace and Possibilities

Nov 16, 2022

My guest this week had a successful, albeit stressful, marketing and advertising career. For years she did whatever it took to meet the needs of her clients. And she was really good at it. But she was overspent.


Imagine that!


Eventually she began to ponder about doing more for a different impact.


Victoria knew she loved leading people and getting the best out of them.  So she sought more insight. Then she became a coach, helping even more people.


After discussing success and options, we both agreed education can make all the difference.

That's why she started Trace of Hope, an organization that helps students pay for college.


She's learned many things over the years, in corporate America and while having her own business.


Some advice from Victoria:

  • Always try to look at your situation differently
  • Assure people when listening: I heard you, I understand you
  • Be open to different experiences
  • Seek out a mentor


When you're overspent, seeking a new way to make an impact and use your gifts to help others, is definitely possible.  Just ask Victoria!


More about Victoria:

Victoria Repka-Geller is an executive coach specializing in career and business transformation, as well as as a marketing strategist, with 19+ years experience in Branding, Marketing & Advertising for Fortune 500 companies. She was featured in the WSJ’s The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict at Work and Barbara Stanny’s Sacred Success. Victoria’s customizable 5-step programs — Power over Your Career and Power over Your Business — provide roadmaps for executive and business positive ROI and success.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Victoria founded the non-profit Trace of Hope Inc., which strives to help break the cycle of poverty by alleviating student debt through their Direct-to-Recipient (DTR) grant giving rounds. Trace of Hope aggregates donations of any size, and makes grants directly to students in such a way that donors see firsthand who benefits from their generosity. (Want to help a student? No donation is too small or, dare we hope, too big! Contact us at

And check out my bestselling book:

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