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Peace and Possibilities

Nov 30, 2022

From thinking she’d be a pediatric cardiologist to becoming a cyberspace engineer, my guest this week reminds me that life sometimes takes you in different directions.


We all know that right?


Marilyn Barrios was searching for more than a job. She wanted to help people, have an impact and help others be their best in the moments that matter.


Turns out she was great in an early sales role. Soon technical methods, engineering solutions and solving problems were her wheelhouse. She was enthralled with those concepts.


Now she's a senior leader at Motorola, but not by accident. She arrived there through many winding roads. Each time she made a change and was thinking about a new role, she asked herself how she could find something she was drawn to in that new place.


She told herself: I can define that role and develop what I want it to be. Bring your strengths to the role, she reminded herself.


  • Be open, who knows what doors will open for you?
  • Be prepared, but you don't have to know it all.


Do you feel fear?


That means it's a stretching opportunity for growth. Your development will always feel that way. It will be a little stretch and a little fear.


If you think about your life as being mission driven, it's easier to line up with the opportunities and not let fear get in your way.


Marilyn had so many missed opportunities and wished she would have learned that sooner.


In general, she wishes she had discovered sooner that you're not always going to be happy. You might feel crappy for a while. That's OK.


Think about how long it will take you to process and give yourself that time, and then ask yourself: what can I control?


You don't need to know it all.


Just sit with the things that are uncomfortable and ask yourself:

  • What can I learn from this?
  • What's the plan moving forward?
  • Where will I be empowered?


Much of the time, you have a lot of control over the outcomes.  Look for those opportunities. 


You don't need to know it all.                                                       

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