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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 14, 2022

As a young girl writing love letters, my 150th podcast guest always had an inkling she'd be a writer.


It's funny though, that although Linda Sivertsen was always obsessed with books, she didn't think she was smart enough to write her own. 


As she grew her dog walking business, she contemplated something more....

Dec 7, 2022

As a young girl, her parent's separation was a life-changing event.


But attending camp at age 7 ignited a new found curiosity and fascination with nature.


Toni Anderson knew she'd found her happy place.


Through her life and career, she marched on and struggled, becoming scrappy along the way.


Over the course of...

Nov 30, 2022

From thinking she’d be a pediatric cardiologist to becoming a cyberspace engineer, my guest this week reminds me that life sometimes takes you in different directions.


We all know that right?


Marilyn Barrios was searching for more than a job. She wanted to help people, have an impact and help others be their...

Nov 23, 2022

My guest this week, Lisa Anderson, did not want to be tied down.


She wanted peace and freedom.


Who can relate to that? I'm guessing all of us.


Along her career journey, she was told by many people "I love the way you talk".


And she began to wonder what other work she would be able to do, working for herself. ...

Nov 16, 2022

My guest this week had a successful, albeit stressful, marketing and advertising career. For years she did whatever it took to meet the needs of her clients. And she was really good at it. But she was overspent.


Imagine that!


Eventually she began to ponder about doing more for a different impact.


Victoria knew she...