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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 2, 2020

My guest on this week's episode of the Peace & Possibilities podcast has so much wisdom to share.


Cliff Jones is quite the inspiration, if you ask me.  And he married a very special lady, if you ask me (as he mentions). And now he's leveraging a lifetime of experience to bring business owners tons of value so they can live their purpose.

Listen in to discover the many life lessons Cliff is willing to share, and the impactful moments that shaped his life then, and now.


Our conversation turned to family and struggling to raise children and keep going for your dreams, for which I will be having a second conversation with him.


Tune in today - you're bound to learn something whether you're just starting off in your career, are a parent raising our youth, or just want to learn a little something from someone who's been there and is willing to share his helpful perspective.


Cliff Jones is the founder and managing partner of Clarity Strategic Advisors, LLC, a strategic business advisory company providing freelance creative and managerial talent for content marketing, demand generation, sales enablement, brand building, list growth, and SMB success. 

As a third-generation entrepreneur with more than 35 years of leadership, sales, marketing, and small business ownership experience, Cliff is passionate about serving others. 

Cliff and his team of elite freelance talent deliver unrivaled strategic insight, planning, creative sales copy, storytelling & automated sales campaigns that attract, engage, convert, and retain more customers and cash flow.

Cliff has co-authored four books with world-famous leaders like Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard, among others. You can find his work on Amazon, The Business Journals, Huff Post, Medium, and LinkedIn.  

More about Cliff here: