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Peace and Possibilities

Nov 25, 2020

"I always knew I wanted to write…"


But my guest on this week's podcast was thinking either/or.


How many times do you think this way?


It's one way or the other. It's black or white. This is wrong and this is right.


What if instead you opened yourself up to other possibilities and you came to work to make a difference?


It's amazing what can happen when you consider another perspective. (And for perspective, be sure to check out my new book, Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective coming soon.)


Open your view to a different way.


When I asked Elzet Blaauw what she has done to stay happy and peaceful along the way, she told me: "I opened myself up to the possibilities".


And then she concentrated on the next best thing and another worthy goal, while she worked to make a difference and add value in every role.


You'll never regret going above and beyond.  When you do, the possibilities are endless!


More info about Elzet here:

Elzet Blaauw's purpose is to help people turn their ideas and dreams into a practical reality. She helps people and organisations find the right words to share the message that is central to their purpose.


Elzet believes we can do important work and lead full, meaningful lives. She is on a mission to make more people see #worklifefreedom as a viable option, and she's a champion and cheerleader of #parentpreneurs. She loves working with anyone who is doing their part in making the world a better place.


You can connect with her on LinkedIn at