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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 9, 2020

Usually when we hear people talk about bucket lists it's when they are retiring and finally want to start doing all those things they've been dreaming about doing for the past several decades.


But here's the thing: none of us knows when we'll get to the end.


So what if we wait until we're 60 or 65 to start experiencing everything we've been dreaming about, then we don't make it there? 


We just wasted all that time planning, telling people all about it, and assuming we would live that long, and we never get the chances we thought we had.  Or we make it to the ripe old age of 65 or 70, and we're not healthy enough to live those experiences.

Maybe we should start now. 




My guest on this week's episode of the Peace and Possibilities Podcast is Kristin Cripps, a successful entrepreneur and author who works hard and makes things happen.


She encourages us to stop listening to the wrong people and to tell ourselves "maybe I can't do this BUT I can help with this" and figure out how you can make each experience work for you.


And she helps remind us that it's not an accident that we're here.


Figure out what would you do for hours, and then figure out how to do it better by getting educated about it.


Finally, don't live in your past and lament about what went wrong and didn't get done right, etc. because those exact things won't happen again.


She's achieved a lot and it's not an accident that she's here.


She just needed to believe that first!  So do you!


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