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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 14, 2022

Marshan Allen was locked up at age 15.  I know that's not typically how I start my introductions.  But this one is unique.


I came across his story when it was featured at Illinois Tech, because he is pursuing his law degree. That's not unique, but his journey there is very unconventional.


And while reading it, I was incredibly inspired.


After years of being incarcerated, he is now a law student and ready to change the world for the better.  Marshan is determined to make sure others don't have to endure what he so bravely did.


Here are a few of the biggest lessons he's learned:


  • Education is the answer
  • Keep an open mind, always
  • You really just never know what will happen
  • Learn new skills
  • You can always make improvements


Keep asking yourself: what speaks to you?


Oh, and dream bigger. There really is so much that's possible.


Listen to Marshan, you'll see.


More about Marshan:


Before joining Represent Justice, Marshan has been employed as a Research and Policy Fellow with Fair and Just Prosecution (FJP), the Policy Director for the Restore Justice Foundation (RJ), and a Starbucks Barista and Supervisor. He received a sentence of life-without-parole for his minor role in an offense that occurred when he was 15 years of age but was released after almost 25 years because of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Miller vs Alabama. Since his release in 2016, Marshan has become staunch advocate for criminal justice reform and has received numerous awards and recognitions for his advocacy work.


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