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Peace and Possibilities

May 4, 2022

Karen Sherman is my guest this week on my 118th podcast. The Peace and Possibilities Podcast is making things possible.


She's been involved in international development for years, helping advance women around the world, and even working with women survivors of war. As a young college graduate, she found herself in a foreign country at a summit, realizing this was going to be her path. Once you hear her journey, you'll see she's quite the inspiration.


As she built her career, along the way, she kept asking herself, how can I develop and advance women?


So she said yes to everything.  Though saying yes to everything has its advantages, it's also a struggle to continue; then we think "no" will be taken as a sign of weakness.


As I've talked to almost 120 people on my podcast, I've concluded that it's actually the opposite. There is strength in the "no".


Saying no proves you're strong!


And a few other helpful words from Karen:


  • Every woman has a story.
  • Your story is your superpower.
  • No is a complete sentence.
  • Be open to what's possible, while embracing a growth mindset.
  • Making and having choices is a gift!


Finally, Karen encourages us to consider, as you're waiting for the next door to open, look for a window.

More about Karen:

Karen L Sherman is the Founder and CEO of Virunga Mountain Spirits, a new world- class craft distillery based in Rwanda, where she has worked for close to two decades. The business will employ and upskill Rwandans at every level of operations, with an emphasis on creating opportunities for women.


Throughout her 30-plus year career, Karen Sherman served in executive and leadership roles working to advance women around the world, in partnership with women on the frontlines, in offices and boardrooms. She has sat with leaders of all levels – heads of state, ambassadors, business and civic leaders – and speaks and writes passionately about the challenges and opportunities for women globally.










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