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Peace and Possibilities

May 11, 2022

My guest this week is from Vienna, Austria.  I'm interested in talking to people who love what they do in any part of the world, so others can see what's possible for them! (So if you have any recommendations for guests, send them my way.)


Ronny Leber is entertaining people at stadiums and events all around the world. And you'll be amazed at his story.


What's moving me? What is it? What do I want to learn?


These are just some of the questions he's asked himself along the way.


He worked with Tony Robbins half of his life, putting on cool events all over the world. Events always excited him; he wanted to be a part of them. And because of this passion to be in front of people, he wanted to be better at everything: entertaining, singing, acting, dancing, and speaking.


So he just sat back and dreamt of it - no just kidding.  He learned to do all of those things better, so that he could reach his goals. It's called taking action. No matter how small, action is key.


Then, on November 4, 2018, he ran a marathon in NY, after being unable to train due to an injury, and told himself: forget everything you think you know; your desire will stand the test of time. Period.


Then he told himself: I'm going to finish today!


Just like the marathon he finally finished that day, he encourages us to keep moving forward.  Everyone has setbacks. You will eventually get there! It's inevitable (but only if you keep moving).

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